The HerbDay Coalition is putting together a virtual event that will span much of the day on social media. There will be “events” (videos, recipes, downloadable resources, etc.) throughout the day. Watch this space and the Official HerbDay Facebook page for more information. 

While we are sad that the global pandemic continues to make large gatherings unsafe, we encourage everyone to celebrate the connection between people and herbs by doing something herbally-related on HerbDay. Plant some herbs in your garden. Harvest herbs from your garden and try a new recipe or make some herbal tea. We are all being called upon to use our imaginations during this time of physical distancing and staying at home so if you do something special, post it on the Official HerbDay Facebook page. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay strong, and stay well so that we can celebrate together in the future.

If you are scheduling an HerbDay event, or even an herb-related event that isn’t on the official HerbDay date of May 1, 2021, please let us know via our contact form and we will list it for you. Also, be sure to visit HerbDay’s Facebook page where we list interesting herb-related information including events.