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This page provides a list of teachers who are willing to be contacted for HerbDay events in your area. By default, all HerbDay teachers are displayed below. To limit the list to teachers in your state, choose your state from the drop-down menu provided, and click GO. Clicking RESET will return you to the default 'all teachers' view.

Lisa Gerardi
City: Michigan City
State: IN
Phone: 219-878-0143
Email: lisagerardi@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.the-herbal-spot.com
Expertise: Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Recognized Native American Shaman, Master Gardener, Flower Essence Practioner
Activities: I work at a public garden so my day is surrounded by plants and nature. Hobbies include gardening ( of course) of herbs, flowers and vegetables, preserving the harvest, working with children teaching them the wonders of nature, needlework, cooking, self sufficient living in an inner city community, reading, learning all I can in order to help others help themselves with herbs and aromatherapy.

Kate Irick
City: Nashville
State: TN
Phone: 6157537296
Email: kateirick@live.com
Expertise: native plants and herbs, wild medicinals and edibles, state naturalist/Tennessee
Activities: Herb groups, womens study group, plant safaris

Cheryl Fromholzer
City: San Anselmo
State: CA
Phone: 415-524-8693
Email: nrbotanicals@gmail.com
Website: http://gatheringthyme.com
Expertise: Clinical Western Herbalist, Herbal Educator, Herb Shop Owner
Activities: Herb School, Herb Walks, etc.

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City: Rome
State: AL
Phone: 123456
Email: gvovvbcfiw@odlbjw.com
Website: http://www.iwnvqjvyow.com/
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Activities: buakxifscebz, qvresebnbj , [url=http://www.nbiahapnit.com/]htygfedusu[/url], http://www.icpgctvula.com/ qvresebnbj


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